Olivia: Princess for a Day

Olivia: Princess for a Day

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Kids & Family, Animation, Kids, Hollywood

When a real live Princess comes to town, Olivia can’t wait to meet her. But Olivia gets to do more than just meet her- when Olivia and the Princess realize that they look almost exactly alike, they make a plan to trade places! Olivia initially takes to life in the castle, but she soon misses her family and realizes that being a Princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But, when the royal family cuts their visit short and decide to head home. Can Olivia and the Princess swap back before it’s too late?


Darragh O'Connell


Emily Gray, Jeremy Herzig, Susan Balboni, Danny Katiana, Julie Dawn Cole, Beverley Klein, Jo Wyatt, Emma Tate



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